Friday, May 7, 2010

Ada orang marah Pak Pin

My response to comments to Pak Pin's FB.

Pak Pin, Pengarah Pertanian Perak, write a short message to me in my FB:

(I cut and paste the message below)

Arifin Abdul Latif: Sdra Zainal, ada orang marah kat saya ttg ni...cuba lihat: Arifin Abdul Latif a bit on naked jackfruit... | sedikit tentang nangka 'bogel'(alihbahasa tu!?) kat wall sy. tq.

So I look up at his FB and probably what he meant was this response to his page:

(I cut and paste the message below)

Belerin Lau: Arifin, Tolong jangan pos gambar seperti ini ya !!! Kita ada ibu dan anak dalam Site ini !!! Tolong faham ya !!!

And I saw his explaination:

(I cut and paste the message below)

Arifin Abdul Latif: sdra belerin lau, maaf kalau sdra sangka saya berniat buruk. ianya sy petik dr wall rakan (zainal abidin) yg menceritakan ttg botani buah nangka ini, satu ilmu pertanian. a thousand apologies if it erks you, it never crossed my mind that some people out there thinks its 'uncalled' for! belerin, pls click here for more info, tq:!/album.php?aid=2067658&id=1240906849

I feel obliging to response to Pak Pin’s SOS call.

My response is….

I don't intend to insult anybody, and as a matter of fact i was just pointing out the botanical explanation to the phenomena. The title of original articles was ‘nanggka berbuah pisang’ and another article written in English by Mekasari was, ‘Naked jackfruit’

What is produced by the nangka fruit is not pisang or banana. So by assuming it was pisang produced by the nangka fruits, as assumed by most people, is wrong. It is actually nangka, and remain nangka, taste like nangka, not pisang. I(f you look closely at the fruitlet, it look very much like nangka, except that it has a teat at the tip. The teat-like structure is actually the stigma of the flower.

Not too sure which is the vulgar or the obscene part or the objectionable wordsIs it the picture itself where the 'banana' appeared to have teat at its tip or is it the word 'naked'. . I read her article again, and she mentioned the flower.

I can't help much if it is the picture. However you will understand a bit more if you look at photos in my web. It is naturally occurring. However, if it's the word naked, i can explain.!/album.php?aid=2067658&id=1240906849

I had looked up in 3 dictionaries for the meaning of word ‘naked’. In short I can pick up 11 meaning on 'naked'. Among them:

  1. Bare skin, not covered by clothing,
  2. Openly displayed or expressed and often threatening or disturbing
  3. Without the usual covering or protection
  4. Plain and lacking any decoration
  5. Unarm and defenseless
  6. Without or unaccompanied by a particular quality ot thing
  7. Without any naturalcovering in the form of earth, vegetation or filiage
  8. Without hair, fur, scales, shell or feather
  9. Without a covering of leaves or hairs
  10. Used to described conifer seeds that are not enclosed in an overy
  11. Used to described flowers without sepals or petals

I'm a botanical scientist, i used the conventional terms in botany. I tough my students botanical words used by conventional botanists, such as ‘naked’. I was trained in US and UK.

En Arifin Abdul Latif (Not sure if he is already a Datuk), is also a professional person. He is the State Agriculture Officer of Perak State. His basic background is agriculture, which is an applied botany. He is not ‘kutu’.

Many of those that gave their comments on my web are professional people. And many of them are biology based or particularly botany base during their university days. We learned about sexual principles in classes. Males and female students in the same class. When the professors were teaching, we just concentrates on that. Before examination, the students, male and females participated in discussed about subject.

So Mrs Lau, I assume you must be professional people as well, or at least you are educated, otherwise you will not ‘touch’ computer, what more internet. Perhaps not in biology or botany.

So, if you like your children to pick up sciences in school, you have to 'open-up' yourself. Maksud saya bukan buka bajulah... 'buka minda anda' and that will be very useful for your children. Guide them to proper prospective in their thinking.

Forgive me if my words are too hush……


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